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There are currently 100,000,000 Americans with $7.5 trillion dollars invested in defined contribution (DC) plans.*

71% “would like personalized advice” for their plan(s).**


*Vanguard - How America Saves - 2019

** Charles Schwab - 401(k) Participant Survey, June 2019


Providing advice to ALL your clients can be time consuming!

  • Every employer plan has different investment options

  • These options change over time

  • Your client may want to change their risk level

  • It’s a manual and time consuming process


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Deliver Advice

You can deliver your clients over 300 basis points of Alpha each and every year!*


*Financial Engines/Aon Hewit - Help in Defined Contribution Plans - May 2014.

Participants receiving “help” averaged 332 basis points of higher return (net of fees) higher than participants not receiving any.



We have a “marketplace” of model providers or you can program our software with you own IRA Models.

We will show your clients how to best use their available investment options given their tolerance for risk and the model chosen. We will show them when they cannot properly diversify to the models due to limitations in their 401k plan (which they would not have in an IRA).

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New Revenue Stream

Create a new revenue stream by billing on the advice you provide your clients for their employer’s retirement plans.

We can bill a credit/debit card or the plan directly (if allowed by the employer).


Unfair Marketing Advantage

Not many advisers publicly proclaim that they can provide advice to their clients contributing to their employer plans. Be the first in your home town to market this unique and powerful service!

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We brand You (Optional)

Create a “seamless” experience by making your client site look and feel just like your website.

We can add your logo, match your color patterns, etc.

You even get a unique URL (https://yourcompany.planconfidence.com).