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  • Do you only work with 401k plans? +

    No. We can work with any defined contribution (DC) plan. Or any plan that has a set fund lineup. So we work really well with 403b, TSP, SIMPLE IRA ,“variable” contracts, etc.

  • Will you recommend an employer’s stock? +

No. We do not analyze or advise on employer stock, target date funds or asset allocation funds.

  • Do I have to move my money into a "brokerage" window or into an IRA to use your service?

    No. That's the beauty. There is no new "paperwork" or extensive process for us to provide you advice on your plan. Keep you money right where it is and we will provide you ongoing advice (and trade your account if you would like us to do that for you too).

  • 100,000,000 Americans(i) +

    There are currently 100 million Americans with money in Defined Contribution (DC) plans.

  • 71% want personalized advice(iv) +

    According to Charles Schwab, 7 out of 10 of Americans with money in DC plans want personalized advice. That means that there are currently 71 million Americans who could potential benefit by using Plan Confidence!

  • $7.5 Trillion in Defined Contribution Plans(i) +

    The amount of money is defined contribution (DC) plans is huge. However, most participants "set it and forget it" and don't manage these assets. And (until now) most advisers did not have a turnkey way to provide every client advice. We are looking to help as many hard working Americans as we can grow this number!

  • 88% already interacting “digitally” with these assets(i) +

    According to Vanguard, 88% of all 401k transactions were done online or via a phone (app). Most participants are already used to dealing with their DC assets in a “digital” format. Now any one of the 100 Million Americans with money in their DC plans can receive advice digitally as well. You can use any computer or your phone (we have an app) to view your advice.

  • 3.32% higher rate of return per year-after fees(ii) +

    The rate of return from participants who used “help” versus doing it themselves was 3.32% after fees! Imagine providing a service where over 300 basis points of Alpha can be delivered electronically to any participant in the country. Imagine no more!