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  • Do you only work with 401k plans? +

    No. We can work with any defined contribution (DC) plan. Or any plan that has a set fund lineup. So we work really well with 403b, TSP, SIMPLE IRA ,“variable” contracts, etc.

  • Do I have to bill my clients for this service? +

You do not have to. It’s up to you how you will incorporate this service into your practice. Some firms use this service as a new “revenue stream” and others as a “value add” for their clients or a “loss leader” to attract new prospects.

  • What is the best way to market this new service? +

This is the toughest question for us to answer as every firm is different. You should check out our Marketing page and schedule a call with us to discuss your current clientele and services you are providing. However, many of our advisers have found success starting with the “Ask your client these 3 ?'s” email you can find on our Marketing page.

  • Will you recommend an employer’s stock? +

No. We do not analyze or advise on employer stock, target date funds or asset allocation funds.

  • How much should I charge my clients for this advice? +

This question is hard to answer. It depends on what your intentions are for this service (“loss leader”, “value add”, etc). Also, pricing is affected on region. It’s probably best to schedule a call with us to discuss your current clients, region, intentions of the service, etc.

  • Will you compete with me for the rollover? +

Absolutely not. We do not custody assets or have any other affiliation with another firm that does. So, you can rest assured, we will not be competing with you over your client. You have enough competition for rollovers out there already. We will not be one of them!

  • What are your set up fees? +

We do not have any.

  • I use a B/Ds corporate RIA, do I need their permission to use your service? +

Yes. Our agreements are with your firm. So if you are an IAR of your B/D’s corporate RIA, we will need an agreement with their firm prior to your use.

  • I thought it was illegal to provide 401k advice to my clients? +

We hear this a lot and we are not quite sure where this has come from. If you are an investment adviser, you can offer your clients advice on their 401k assets. There is nothing “illegal” about it. We even believe that if you call yourself a “holistic” adviser, it should illegal for you to not provide your clients advice on their DC assets!

  • I work for a large firm, do you have enterprise pricing/agreements? +

Absolutely! Contact us to discuss.

  • Can I bill my clients a one-time setup fee and monthly subscription fee? +

You may charge your clients anything that is “reasonable in light of the services rendered”. However, you need to check with your financial firm if they have limitations on the fees you may charge. Also, if you are using our billing service, we only do monthly billing, so you will need another system in place to collect the one-time setup fee.

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  • 100,000,000 Americans(i) +

    There are currently 100 million Americans with money in Defined Contribution (DC) plans. How many would you like to work with?

  • 80% have IRA accounts have DC plans(iii) +

    80% of the 97 Million Americans with DC assets also have IRAs. Instead of competing for the IRA and ignoring the DC assets you can “flip the script”. Market your 401k Advice service and then gather more IRA assets!

  • 71% want personalized advice(iv) +

    According to Charles Schwab, 7 out of 10 of your clients with money in DC plans want personalized advice. And 7 out of 10 of your competitors’ clients want personalized advice. That means that there are currently 69 million Americans (97M x 71%) looking for advice on their plans right now. How many would you like to work with?

  • $7.5 Trillion in Defined Contribution Plans(i) +

    Most advisers are battling over IRA assets and competing with other financial firms to manage those dollars. There’s only about a trillion dollars more in IRA assets and the competition is fierce! You can use our service to advise and bill on an “untapped” market. If you want to know the power of creating new markets, read the book “Blue Ocean Strategies”. Wouldn’t it be nice to provide a service a where the market is (almost) as big as the IRA market with little to no competition?

  • 69% Stickiness(i) +

    This is a statistic that should scare every financial adviser to the core. According to Vanguard, 69% of employees who could have moved their money into an IRA, chose to keep their money in their 401k plan. You have the opportunity to “pre-market” your IRA strategies while your client is still working. You can build a relationship with your clients DC assets prior to an event where your client can move their money.
    As we see by this stat, rollovers are not the first choice for almost 7 out of 10 employees.

  • 88% already interacting “digitally” with these assets(i) +

    According to Vanguard, 88% of all 401k transactions were done online or via a phone (app). Your clients are already used to dealing with their DC assets in a “digital” format. You now can deliver your advice to your clients digitally as well. They can use their computer or phone (we have an app) to view your advice which they are already accustomed to.

  • 3.32% higher rate of return per year-after fees(ii) +

    The rate of return from participants who used “help” versus doing it themselves was 3.32% after fees! Imagine providing a service where you can deliver over 300 basis points of Alpha. Imagine no more!