How to get started . . .


Review and sign our National Agreement.

Let us know your asset allocation models and when you need them to change.  We will let your clients know exactly how to position their money in their “held away” accounts on the day you desire.  (We also have pre-built models with quarterly re-balancing if you want to use ours and “set it and forget it”).

Then, when any of your clients ask for help with one of their plans, you let them know you are able to help them by using our service.  Look in our system and see if we already have the plan in our database.  If we do, you just need to add the information about your client and everything is “live”.

If we do not have the plan, you just need to upload a PDF or Excel file of your client’s fund lineup, add the name of the plan and basic information about your client.  We will input all of the fund options in our database, “score it” in compliance with DOL/ERISA Rules, assign “proxies” to any of the missing Monringstar Categories and send an email to you and your client letting them know their account is setup and they just need to “activate it”.


The rest of the service runs “behind the scenes” with our technology until your client has any changes in their plan or you want changes to be made to your models.

It’s that easy!

If you have questions or would like to learn more, schedule a call with the button below.