Hurricane Dorian

Dear Diary,

It has been a long holiday weekend of unpredictability with hurricane Dorian on the east coast of FL. While living on the Gulf side, it’s not predicted that we will see any of the major destruction. Probably just heavy rains and strong winds, but I am from the windy city so that doesn’t bother me at all!

But all of the uncertainty of the storm path and how slow it has been moving made it difficult to make plans for the holiday weekend. Which reminds me of the uncertainty of the new tariffs that went into effect over the weekend. No one really knows what it will mean for the consumer and ultimately the stock markets.

Will we as consumers have to pay more for our next iPhones? Will it hamper the Christmas buying season. (Although, I am a big believer that nothing really slows down the Black Friday crowd. Even my daughter knows that when we go to the mall anytime in December, I am looking to see how many people are carrying shopping bags. She now notices too!)

But I digress.

We recently advised clients in our 401k advice program to reinvest their money back into the equity (stock) markets. All of my recommendations are made from some really nerdy technical analysis of the S&P 500 chart daily. But I am a little concerned that the uncertainty of the tariffs and any tweets sent by the President can have a major (short term) effect on the markets.

And it goes both ways. A tweet can taketh and giveth. Which does not make it easy for chart geeks like myself.

So diary, I will be eyeing the path of Dorian this week and looking for (hopefully) some certainty in regards to our trade war with China and the effects of the new tariffs. I am prepared for either. It would just be nice to get some certainty.

Kevin Clark