XYPN Live Conference!

Dear Diary,


Today starts the kickoff to the XYPN Live event. I say “event” and not “conference” as the ethos (to use a big word I haven’t used since sociology class in college) is not like any other I have ever been to. I have been an investment adviser for over 21 years and I have been to close to 100 conferences.

But this one is different!

This one has a cult “feel” to it. But not a weird or scary type of cult looking to brainwash humans and do harm. This feels more like a movement. A movement of financial advisers that want to change the world for the better. Of financial advisers who want to “buck the system” and build their practices the way they see fit. Not the way some large, faceless, souless firm wants them to.

And they want to help everyone. Not just clients that have enough investable assets to generate decent AUM fees. Everyone here knows that almost ALL hard working Americans need financial advice. And they have systems and the support from this community to do just that.

There is a buzz here of mutual respect, sharing and caring. I have overheard countless conversations of people meeting each other for the first time. Asking what kind of practice they are running. And sharing marketing tips, software to check out and how they are billing their clients to remain profitable enough to stay in business.

The advisers here don’t see another adviser as “competition”. They truly see them as a comrade.

And that’s how movements are started. That’s how the world is changed. And I am happy to be witnessing with my own very eyes. I am humbled that I can be a (very) small part of this movement.

As a vendor here, I feel that I am “arming the rebels” to take on the Galactic Empire in their quest to defeat Darth Vader. The force is strong here at the XYPN event!

OK diary, no more Star Wars analogies. I am off to meet a college friend that lives in St Louis for lunch!


Kevin Clark