You have cracked the 7.5 trillion-dollar question! 


(That’s how much money is in defined contribution plans)[i]

As you already know, your clients should have a 3.32% better return (net of your fees) because you are providing them advice![ii]

And billing on these “held away” assets is an excellent source of additional revenue as the market is large and untapped.

So you have an unfair marketing advantage over the “financial professionals” that do not provide this advice. 

Again, congrats!

[i] Vanguard How America Saves - 2019

[ii] Financial Engines/Aon Hewitt – Help in Defined Contribution Plans – May 2014

However, as you are keenly aware, every plan is different, which makes providing customized advice to each of your clients:

1) time consuming

2) costly

We have solved both of these problems with our fintech . . .


Use our fintech platform to:

  • Power your investment models

  • Deliver your advice

  • Do your monthly billing

Not time consuming/little cost for your staff:

  • We don’t have any paperwork that needs to be signed by your clients

  • It takes two minutes to set up a new plan/participant in our software

  • Free up your staff to do other tasks

  • Less payroll dedicated to providing your advice on held away assets

  • Your staff is more productive with their newly freed up time = higher profit margins for your firm

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