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We have made the complex simple with our fintech. . . .

You have a client that wants advice on how to manage their held away assets.

You let them know that you have a service that can help them.  You set your price, execute any paperwork your firm needs and input your client information (and possibly their plan info) into our database. This process takes about two minutes.

Our software does the rest!

We will let your client know where to put their “future contributions” and how to re-balance their “current dollars” based off of your investment advice. We “brand you” with your picture, email address, website, address and phone number. We can even “customize” the site to look like yours with your logo, color patterns, etc.


Your client receives ongoing advice on their held away assets and you start building trust and a relationship with assets that used to be difficult and time consuming to help manage.


Stand out from your competition by offering Plan Confidence™ to your clients!